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About my 1Minute Mom Blog History

Hi and welcome to the home of

My name is Malinda, and I am the creator and blogger at this site.

I have created this site in order ot help parents and mom’s who work from home and who home school at the same time, to find a way to balance the work – life – teach seesaw that they have taken on.


Congratulations for taking on this immense challenge. It isnt for everyone and not everyone will last the whole journey, but the fact that you are trying is awesome.

I have been a work from home mom and entrepreneur for over 17 years now, and I can highly recommend it. Through my journey into home schooling, I have tripped up, fallen flat and picked myself up again more times than I can remember.


Having had additonal challenges such choosing to run a farm when the kids where toddlers , running multiple business ventures at the same time and learning how to teach two children with very different learning styles, has kept me on my toes. Due to the work load, and my inquisitive time managerial and project managerial inclinations, I have created many resources to help me cope with the journey, as I went along. This blog is a continuation of that journey, where I have taken my top performing results and research, and have chosen to share it with you, as you enter or stumble along on your own journey.


My primary 3 pillars that I wish to address in this blog are covered by home schooling, working from home and learning how to look after yourself through self love.


On the home schooling side, I write about topics such as agile scrum for home schooling and how to employ thinking school strategies in your home school. After my second child being born deaf, and only regaining his hearing at the age of 3, I have created a spelling games and game that encourages children to learn how to read. This is especially catered towards children with different learning styles. I also cover study skills for kids, speed reading skills and ways to teach kids in middle to high school how to cope with the curriculum volume they are faced with .


When it comes to the second pillar, this is working from home.

I am a work from home mom for the last 17 years, having run an office selling goods nationally , with over 10 staff members, a farm with over 5 people , a dairy , a chicken farm and multiple online business. Not to mention the work of running a house hold! Through my journey through business disruptions, success and financial upheavels, I found so little help out there for entrepreneurs, who work from home, that I decided to create products that help in these areas.

I cover topics such as time management fro entrepreneurs, how to overcome paper clutter in your office, staying on top of your finances through tough times , along with other topics as I come across them .


On the self love side, I believe it is essential as mom’s to discuss the topic of self love. Men seem to find this topic far easier to embrace, but as mom’s there is an inclination to loose ourselves in our family and in our duty to our children . As such I love to create products that help with prayer journalling, download that help with self love in the form of self love quotes and other creative methods to help you balance your time so as to stay in touch with your inner self and promote you to love yourself.