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About Me

Image of MalindaHi, I’m Malinda, the creator of 1 Minute Mom.

I am a stay at home mom, Home school teacherBusiness entrepreneur and Permaculture farmer.

I have a  BCom degree in Commerce and Information Technology, from South Africa.
For the past 15 years, I have run my own business in IT, farming, as well as in partnership with my husband as the Financial , Marketing and IT manager for our Security and Solar Business.

I became an Entrepreneur, following 10 years in the corporate world,  shortly after getting married. I wanted to have a more flexible schedule, in order to be of assistance to my new husband, and his new business.

My budgeting, time management and productivity skills, skyrocketed, once my boys started arrived.

With the arrival of our second son, we decided to simplify our life by moving out to the country, and running our businesses in a healthier environment.

Over the years of running a farm , studying to becoming a Permaculture designer, project managing, as well as running the finances, marketing and admin for our various business’s, I realised that I have a unique set of skills that I can offer other Entrepreneurs, Parents, kids and Business Owners.

Everyone’s rapid moving lifestyles results in us all needing to maintain our skill basis and ensure we are giving our kids the right skills to survive and thrive in this ever changing environment.

Current day economies don’t guarantee our kids or us a job in the future. Rather we should give ourselves and children the skills to learn rapidly, as the need arises so we can  reap the benefits of  being able to offer our unique skill to society .

That’s where my Blog comes in.

With this blog, I am able to be a voice to you, no matter where you are in the world, right in the comfort of your own home, at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Skills I teach:

  • Find time to get more done
  • Learn a new skill as an adult to stay on top of your game or learn a new game and get into a new space to earn more
  • Help your kids to cope with their school work load
  • Help your kids to retain more of the important information, to achieve higher goals in their tests and exams
  • Teach you and your kids ways to tackle new subjects that interest them and thereby giving them lifelong study and implementation skills to cope on their own.

I hope to give you small snippets of information on an ongoing basis, that fits in with your already large load of activities, but that will ultimately help you cope with that load, create a calmer business and home environment. I hop to give you the capacity to earn more , teach more, learn more and  keep the whole wheel well greased and turning smoothly!

Thank you for visiting!

Have you got a need that you would like to talk about? Please drop me a comment below so I can see if there is anyway I can help you, or connect you to someone who can help.

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