Learning to Spell with great enthusiasm

Learning to Spell

2 Easy Ways to Create Super Kid Spellers, Without Wasting Hours

Headbutting spelling problems with great enthusiasm…

Do yo need to help your kids with Learning to Spell ? Have you ever wondered, how you could find a way to encourage your kids to become Super Kid Spellers?

Have you ever felt you haven’t got enough hours to achieve this?
I felt that way about my kids….but then I realized something amazing….

Cold Fronts Make For Cuddlier Home Schooling

Before I talk about that, I must tell you it’s super cold over here, in the Southern Hemisphere !
Our old wood stove is burning away merrily in the kitchen, and the school work is in the warmth of a rather weak sunshine.

This week saw a change in our buying patterns. We moved from purchasing our monthly provision from a retailer to a local farmer, in an effort to support our local community more.

It was also a great excuse to finally get us all out the door after over 12 weeks in lock down.

We got confirmation that the world and people, in lock down (level 3),  still exist !

Free and Frolicking About At Last

The farmer in question had a beautiful new  batch of young lambs , that where frolicking around the field with their moms.

The moms looked somewhat grumpy as they were having to contend with the local peacocks, who being ferocious eaters, where helping themselves to the sheep’s’ food ! 

Learning to Spell with great enthusiasm

The young lambs came to the assistance of their mom’s …they simply bounced and bounded over, and most unceremoniously, headbutted the peacocks out the way.

They were so pesky, to the point where the birds took their luxurious tails over the fence and went in search of easier pickings. 

Learning to Spell with great enthusiasm

Problems solved playfully – Even Learning to Spell!

Sometimes in life as adults , we tend to grumble about our problems.

Meanwhile the kids in their playfulness,  may hold the solution.

The same holds true when we as adults see our children encounter learning problems within their school curriculum.

Often our attitude gets grumpier the more we focus on the problem. Sometimes , taking  a more playful approach and having some fun with it, can overcome the problem far more effectively.

How you can help your kids become Super kid Spellers

I have created a game that overcomes children’s learning difficulties . The game is designed to help children learn to spell or read in English. 

It also can make a spelling lesson far more fun. 

If you would like to learn more the spelling curriculum planner AND get your hands on the Simple spelling curriculum and it’s FREE planner , simply click on this text  !

Next week I hope to be providing you with a quick you tube video showing you how best to make use of the planner and book. I’ve also got a super crazy idea up my sleeve that will excite all of you ….so keep an eye out for my posts next week …until then:

Stay warm and cozy this weekend,if you’re stuck in the same cold snap..

Make the most of it and have fun through the experience.

Life is too short not to !!

PS If you missed my last 2 articles that talk about helping your kids with spelling, click here to read the first one, and here to read the second one.

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