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Working Parents Best Productive Home School Schedule

Home School Schedule

Chaotic Times calls for fast action and and effective Home School Schedule

As a parent, living in 2020 , the raging debate about whether or not to home school your child, has gone quiet.

Schools the world over, have been forced to close their doors, with the outbreak of COVID-19. Sending the children home. This in turn, has had a domino effect of sending all, or most of the parents home.

So while the world swirls around trying to find a new normal, (which we are told is at least 18 months off), I’m here to show you how to make the most of this amazing opportunity. I can help you setup a system and environment which will assist your kids to excel in their studies. While providing you with the space and time to ensure you can continue with your own work

Where I’ve come from

So in case you haven’t read my bio page, my name is Malinda. I am a work from home and home school mom. My husband and I run our own business assisting people with home and business security and energy efficiency solutions. We live in Africa on a farm. I’ve come out of a corporate environment, where I worked as a System Analyst, Database and Infrastructure Administrator.

After choosing to venture out as an Entrepreneur, some 17 years ago, I have launch and successfully run a number of business ventures ranging from IT support services, Landscaping and Irrigation, Building one South Africa’s biggest security equipment distribution networks,
launching a technology solutions company for farm automation, and running this blog.

We were thrown a curve ball , when our second child turned 3, as it became evident that he had been born deaf. Long story short, after loosing 3 years of speech development and needing to overcome the bullying at preschool, that had frightened him into submission, we decided to launch out on our Home Schooling journey.

Personally, it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, even with the steep learning curve,many rabbit trails and a few dead ends.

What I’ve got for you

In today’s post I want to share with you some of my insights and tips and tricks that I have learnt over these last 15 years. These can reduce the uncertainty, time waste and general frustration which you may encounter, whilst giving you more freedom and breathing space, as you enter this crazy season.

Can a working parent home school?

For many of you parents out there, who have never believed that you can home school their kids, let me assure you this it is absolutely possible, and in fact probably one of the most rewarding undertakings you can embark on. Knowing that your child’s development and upbringing is more in your control and aligned with your beliefs.

Your doubts of your ability to teach and guide will soon be soothed when you realize how much support, systems and curriculum are available to you, and how much quicker and complete your child’s learning is in a loving caring environment.

I certainly had my doubts when I commenced home schooling my two boys. But looking back over our journey together, and seeing where they are going, I would do it a thousand times over, no regrets, no hesitations.

So you can do it, and you can be good at it, and you can love doing it.

Why do Parents feel they can’t Home School?

Just about every adult I know has felt that way before they started their Home Schooling journey! And it’s understandable!

We have largely all been brought up to believe that the type of schooling that we went through,was the perfect model and requirement to achieving success in our adult life.

Many of our Mom’s where home makers and didn’t feel they had the skills to help us with our ‘complicated’ work. Other mom’s where too busy trying to put food on the table with work which kept them away from their children.

As for the dad’s, well many where out the door at 7 am , only too happy to have the kids out their hair . He was home after 7pm ,so there was little time for him to entertain the idea of dabbling too much in the kids school work, except in cases of dire emergencies.

Can you Work and Home School at the same time?

As a working parent, whether being at home,at an office, or on the road, your day has had very set time boundaries. You knew when to get up, when you needed to be at work by, who to meet, when…etc.

You’ve never thought about how you could possibly fit in home schooling, into this really busy schedule, cause you’ve never had to.

I can tell you right now, that it really is very possible, with just a little planning and reorganizing, you will be amazed how simple it is to fit this extra need in.

Although some mind set changes are needed, it helps to have the tools that can make this transition easier.
Here are 6 tools that can help you on your journey, through this unchartered territory.

6 Tools to help you keep your sanity in this new way of working

  1. Goal setting planning through a crisis

  2. Reminder posters/ printout of what to stay focused on

  3. Educating yourself about home schooling through online courses

  4. Getting your home office clutter sorted

    • Home office organization courses

  5. Find free printables to helping the kids with their studies

  6. Keeping the kids productively entertained after school

So that’s all well and good, but the mass production economy of our time has slowed down to something of a crawl. Your kids and yourself are now at home, needing to make this new season work !

Don’t stress, I have some excellent tools and ideas to help you get online, fast !

Can you work and home school at the same time?

As a working parent, whether being at home,at an office, or on the road, your day has had very set time boundaries. You knew when to get up, when you needed to be at work by, who to meet, when…etc.

You’ve never thought about how you could possibly fit in home schooling, into this really busy schedule, cause you’ve never had to.

I can tell you right now, that it really is very possible, with just a little planning and reorganizing, you will be amazed how simple it is to fit this extra need in.

Can a single working parent home school?

YES ! Especially now with the stay at home lock down that is happening. As the only income earner in your family, you owe it to your kids to show them how it’s done.

Have you always outsourced areas of your life

You may be afraid that you don’t have the capacity to manage all the angles. Perhaps you’ve always relied on 3rd parties to help you in the background, be it School systems, aftercare, cleaning and cooking services.

. Here’s how YOU CAN manage to pull this off


Setup rosters for your kids to help with the cleaning of the house. Learn about creating a cleaning regime that works!

Meal planning

• Sit with your kids and share your wish to have great meals in place during this time.

  • Ask for their input.
    • Draw up a meal creation roster
    • Create 2 bulk meals on a Sunday and run on them for
    the week.

  • Include the kids on the defrosting and heating roster . Give them guidelines that you keep on the fridge

  • If the kids are too young:
    Pre-cut bread for them and empower them to make their own sandwiches during lunch time

  • If they’re even too young for any of the above
    situations:- consider hiring a single person who can live in with the family for the next 6 months and assist you in these functions (Sorry , If you’re in Lock Down This option is no longer viable!)


  • Signup for my Home Schooling 101 basic course and learn how to setup the classroom and the work schedules quickly and effectively to get up and running. For the cost of 3 coffees , you can have a home
    office/classroom that runs like clockwork

  • Sign up for office de-cluttering courses and running your
    home courses

How do I set up a Home School room?

Your home school room is a very important room in this new season. It needs to bring a new level of calmness, both, to yourself and to your children.

Don’t underestimate the level of stress that your kids are experiencing as they hear the news or see the articles about the virus.

Why is their stress in the classroom

“The biggest problem in the workplace is fear.” Dr W Edward Deming

Firstly , chances are, you are not a teacher . If you are, fantastic ! Schooling your kids is a whole lot of stress you’ve never had before . Your stress about you financial situation, your work prospects, together with health worries, make you potentially a powder keg with a lit fuse !

“in a workplace where fear is used to keep people in line and to get the most of out of them, actually the opposite occurs……. Fear causes a shutdown of initiative and creativity”

Bobbi de porter

Your kids are only kids (Please don’t forget that !)

They are also squashed into a new place all day, and have to be with you (the powder keg) in a completely new environment . This is happening without their usual social and support structure that they had at school.

To top it you’re going to be coming up against a hidden foe : – ‘But my teacher doesn’t do it that way !” She/ He is a mighty warrior in your life , that you need to embrace and not fight against Here’s how:

6 Tips to bringing a new level of peace into your home school classroom

  1. Find a dedicated area in your home or garden where school happens, preferably with lots of natural lighting and fresh air.

  2. Add some plants , but not so they’re in the way

  3. Give each child their own private space, or seat at a table or desk. This is their zone.

  4. Put up posters in the area that detail the values you as a family respect, along with what that means in terms of behavior

  5. Setup a home school scrumming environment for each child. This method is taught in my online course Home Schooling 101

  6. Ask the kids to tell you after the lesson, how their
    teacher would have done it. Have them realize that you are learning…from them. Ask them to give you a hug before they tell you how way off track your method was compared to ‘my mighty teacher”.

Home School Setup Ideas

How do I organize my Home
day & Home School Schedule

You may be wondering how many hours to set aside to home school . Just when are you expected to do this?

To make life that more complicated, you may have scheduled work assignments and calls to attend to from your virtual office.

A new form of time management will be required in this season. You will need to research this and apply it, to get the most out of your day.

The biggest problem you’re going to face is being present. Your kids are not fools. They know when you’re not listening or paying attention.

A few days of poor behavior, on your part; of not being present, and you may start to see a level of anarchy and school work lethargy, that you had been dreading.

How can I be more present?

Your day needs to be structured, so that the kids feel they are still important to you, and not just a hindrance or nuisance.
Set time aside every morning for each child to:

  • Have breakfast together…move it to an earlier slot so you can get everything done

  • Dedicated 5 minutes before and after school , with each child so they can tell you:

    • What they intend to tackle in school today

    • Celebrating their biggest win from yesterday ( Celebrate this with them)

    • Obstacles they had to overcome today

    • How they could help themselves / get you to help them overcome those obstacles

  • Take mini breaks with them every hour and listen to the issues they have with the work they are working on

  • Set a dedicated cut off time to allow for dedicated time with the family in the evenings. If you’re not finished your work, get the kids to bed at a set time , spend an
    agreed upon amount of time with your spouse (without kids present) and then push through on the work you had to complete.

  • Don’t forget that your spouse or partner also needs you to be present mentally during your time together.

  • Set dedicated, specific time to get some exercise and
    outdoor time (if feasible) to get your blood flowing and clearing the stress cobwebs.

Warning !
What not to do

  • Don’t have negative phone conversations with colleagues while the kids are withing hearing range

  • Don’t listen to negative commentary on the news , that
    the kids can hear. Use headphones

How do I create a Home School  Schedule?

There are a myriad of home school curriculum, over and above what your existing school may have sent the kids home with.

You need to be realistic about the work load that the kids have, in light of the change of environment and stress levels that everyone is faced with .

I have developed a brilliantly easy system based on Agile Project Management. It allows you to take any curriculum or work load that the kids are presented with, and get it scheduled effectively.

It creates transparency for everyone in the house to understand what each child is doing and trying to achieve.

  • The kids are taught how to take ownership of the work that they need to tackle.

  • They take the initiative to get it done, independently.

  • They are given the authority to talk to you, at set intervals during their work day, to explain what
    they need from you or how you may be holding them back from getting their work completed.

  • This system has been shown to work with kids as young as 3 years old.

  • It is exceptionally effective from the ages of 10 upwards.

Home School Curriculum online

This system takes very little time to implement. It is super fun, as it motivates the children to improve on their performance daily, with the optional add-on of rewards from you as their performance improves.

The additional power of this system, is that it allows you time to get to your work.

You even manage to work alongside your children through the day. In fact if you apply this to your own work load you will see a remarkable decrease in your own work stress levels and a increase in your throughput and productivity levels.

So how do I implement this Home School Schedule system

I will teach you how to quickly implement this planning system in your home schooling environment .

What you get

  • I will give you all the printouts you need to quickly get yourself up and running, along with scripts to explain to your children how to use the system.

  • I guide you, through the use of a series of videos into the
    process flow that will make schooling a blessing

My Promise to you

After 15 years of Home Schooling, I can promise you this is the system that is a quantum leap tool .

It will let you and your child meet and exceed your work requirements .

An added bonus is that the child’s memory retention, will greatly increased along with their enthusiasm levels , as the days progress.

Bonus Optional extras

If you still do not feel confident to implement this classroom environment and scheduling system, I am also offering 2 additional packages.

With this upgraded package, You have access to a weekly webinar, where I answer questions that people have posted via an online forum to assist you and others who have
signed up, with questions and problems that you are experiencing, over a 2 week period. Helping you smooth out the bumps to a smooth flowing system.

: With this upgraded package, I enter your home (digitally of course ! ), at a time that is convenient for both of us, to assist you with questions and problems that you are experiencing, over a 4 week period. Helping you smooth out the bumps to a smooth flowing system. Only 18 places are available for this service.

This course, and the upgraded versions will be on sale at a hugely discounted price, in order to assist everyone through this difficult time globally.

It will be priced at less than a week’s worth of Starbucks coffee !

…Go on , Give
yourself the support you deserve, at a time when the world and economy are not!

Want to learn more about this Course I’m offering?

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