Home School sanity saver

8 Home School Sanity Savers

Home School sanity saver


Hi Everyone, Thanks for stopping by to read a bit more about what the home school requirements are that can help maintain your sanity while working from home and schooling your kids during this Coronavirus lock down. These are the Home School sanity saver that I have used to keep an even keel.

I’m an entrepreneur who came out of the corporate world to pursue my own passions and attempt to run my own business ventures from home.
That’s about 17 years ago !
Since then I have run multiple business’s had 2 kids and moved to a farm. In all that I have also become a homeschooling mom, following the discovery that my second child was born deaf.

Now with the corona virus hitting countries globally, everyone of us who had nice stable lives, have our world turned over.
So Im here to help you with how to manage your life with your world having been moved all your efforts back home, both from a work perspective and well as the need to keep your kids education going.

I wonder if your home is looking anything like this?

I’m here to bring you from you state of chaos to a point where you are loving this new way of life.

But in the meantime, I have created a free resource for you, that you can put up on your wall in your office or classroom , to help you keep the main thing the main thing in this very topsy turvy environment.A Real Home School sanity saver

To register for this cool printable , simply fill in the form below and I will email you the printable.


Home School sanity saver



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