3 Quick Tips To Start Homeschooling Your Child

3 quick tips to homeschool success

You have decided to home school, congratulations ! With the right preparation and plan of action, home schooling can be one of the most rewarding experiences
that any parent can undertake. Going in unprepared, without a plan, and no boundaries could result in chaos. I put together this article to show you the three quickstep process for homeschooling success. If you read this article through to the end, you will discover the fantastic tips that I have for you to ensure that you
start your homeschooling journey on the right foot and avoid the chaos traps along the way. But let’s start on the three tips to homeschooling.

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1st Tip to Homeschooling With Success Easily

Tip number one involves understanding what home school is not about. Home school is not the process of you imitating the teachers that your children have left behind.That is a recipe for disaster.This is a time for you to be yourself and to embrace the mindset that you are on a journey of education where you are actually guiding your child on their journey of discovery. If you attempt to mimic the environment that your children have left behind and try to be the replacement teacher, you are setting yourself up for failure as you will be pulled into the trap of comparison to what the children know from beforehand.

This is a mindset change. This is not a mimic of the schooling you had as a child either,

2nd Tip to Homeschooling With Success

Now for tip number two.

As you may have heard, Rome wasn’t built in a day in your home school will not be perfect from day one. In fact, it may take quite a lot longer
than that until you feel comfortable with what is going on, but you need to embrace the change.The easiest way to make the transition into becoming a homeschooling parent is to make sure you have a plan. You need to set up the hours through which you are going to school, the boundaries around when you work hours are and when the mealtimes are and stick to those.

You need a workable plan where you understand which subjects you’re going to cover and through which hours set the plan along with some goals along with your children so they understand the reason for doing this. In the beginning, I would suggest that you stick to the three basics as you find your feet to homeschooling. Those three basics would be reading, writing and arithmetic. Make sure you set these goals in line with the regulations of your current area and their homeschooling needs and reporting requirements for your set up.

3rd Tip to Homeschooling With Success

Tip Number three,do not be held hostage by the four walls which comprise your classroom area. The renowned scientist Rachel Carson said, ” Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life persists.” This journey into home schooling is new, and anything new takes time to get used to and can actually prove quite challenging and exhausting for yourself and the children. Never forget this ! Build into your home
school day times that are spent outdoors. Take a lesson outdoors with your children. Yes, they will be distracted. There is so much to see and learn from in nature. Nature has a rejuvenating effect, as Rachel had noticed, and in the same way it will rejuvenate both your spirit and your
children’s spirit to keep going. And you’ll have great topics of conversation afterwards. Why not add a little bit
of physical activity? By taking this time outdoors, you will find that your children’s
imaginations will flourish.

In Summary

So in summary, here are the three tips again. Tip number one, don’t try and be the replacement teacher. You are on a journey of discovery with your children. Change your mindset around that.

Set up a working plan where you know exactly what needs to be achieved within the next week, month or even year and make sure that you are leaving time enough to get your own work done and that homeschooling is not overwhelming all the time, that’s available .

Add nature and fresh air activities, to your home schooling day. Teach yourself and your children to be observant. And between these three tips, you will have the homeschooling journey that you never dreamed of. No one can actually explain it to you until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Good luck.

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