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Time management
Valentines Day and Time Management

Happy 2019 everyone…Welcome to the world of Time Management for entrepreneurs and busy people, generally!

I’m Malinda , 1Minutemom and over the past few years, I have worn many hats, that have resulted in the need for extensive practising, apply and studying of time management techniques. Now I really want to help you get to grips with it, so you can shorten your learning curve into productivity and a happier life.

Happy 2019

I hope your year has gotten off to a fantastic start! Today I would like to discuss two topics that are not often spoken about together . They are Valentine’s day and time management .

Yes , strange topic to blog about, but honestly they do actually have a correlation. Valentine’s Day – it’s all about showing you care for those you love, admittedly, with something of a huge marketing angle thrown into it by retailers , at the same time ! But let be serious here, it’s pretty difficult to love others when you don’t love yourself first. To add to that, shouldn’t we be more loving on more than one day a year ??!!

Time management and Self Worth

Has anyone noticed, towards the end of last year, that after a very busy year, you tend to have a lower self-esteem, or feel pretty drained? In fact, if you’ve gone through a number of extremely busy years, were you’re struggling to get through the work set out for you, it tends to be really difficult to love yourself because you start to feel the burden of not achieving as much as you wanted to.

I’m certainly more inclined to beat myself up, emotionally for not doing more.  Think about it ! What you’re taking on, and what can you actually, realistically achieve, in the time period that you have ?

On top of that, come issues of boundary setting. We just lose them completely ! This is where time management techniques can turn your life around really effectively, within just a few weeks. By achieving more on a day to day basis, you, as a person will start to regain a new level of self confidence and self-esteem, that you might not have seen in many years .

Give it a try…

To top it, you have nothing to loose.If you set yourself 1 new step to learn, every day, you can have a whole new way of running your complicated life, in just 30 days.

Turn THAT into a habit over 3 months and you have yourself a productivity level and self confidence level that can blow you and your loved ones away. Not to mention a new ability to show more love to those around you. Wouldn’t that be an awesome Valentine present to you and your loved ones ! And it even works if you haven’t got a “Valentine” lined up for 14 February, because you are loving yourself for a change!

Trying to get to it all…

Running a business, being an entrepreneur , being a parent, home school teacher etc are not easy tasks in this crazy busy world. Go on give it a try. Actually , you will gain more than that, have a look at these :

10 Brilliant Benefits : 1 Minute of Time Management Per Day

  1. Firstly, you get motivated because your tackling a new skill, so early on in the new year
  2. You will find you’re able to actually achieve the tasks you set your mind to .
  3. No matter how many hats you wear during the day, you will get through, no matter how diverse your daily tasks are, in a far more focused manner
  4. Free up some time, that you never even knew you had
  5. This new level of time availability will give you more time to be more creative
  6. Why not become better at making difficult decisions? Self esteem, and time to breathe have both been shown to improve decision making and improve your ability to make better judgements.
  7. Touchy subject for some, but you can become easier to get along with!! Yikes!
  8. You automatically gain a new sense of peace in your soul , not to mention peace of mind
  9. This in turn results in far better sleep patterns, which result in high levels of creativity and durability for the day ahead
  10. Get to understand yourself, your goals and your priorities. Start to set real boundaries , and stop chasing everything under the sun and start focusing on what really matters.RESULT : You become a most Phenomenal Goal Achiever, and you get to learn to Love Yourself Again .
How to achieve it

But where do you start? Well, I want to help you with a 7 day email motivation series. 1 email per day for 7 days, helping you unlock some simple strategies to achieve all these benefits. 

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Go on, give yourself the greatest gift you can this Valentine’s season. Get a better understanding of the topic of Time Management, and how to apply it to your life.

Want to get your teeth into it?

If you like my 7 day tips, you can sign up for a monthly video, after going through the 7 day program.  I will put together information on different aspects of Time Management and address your concern and questions that you post to me, during the previous month.

If you would like to try out the first 7 days suggestions, please fill in your details below. I will send you a daily message with some easy to implement tips and techniques that can have you flying through your day , far more peacefully than you did last year.

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Here’s to the best you, you could ever dream or imagine


Lets make 2019 Valentines more than just a retailers joy,

Sincerely, Yours in wearing many hats, and getting it done 1 minute at a time



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