Hi Everyone,
It’s been a really long time since I last blogged ! My apologies !
So , as a mom and a blogger, we land up inspiring our kids to make a living online as well.
It doesn’t take long for a young teenager to realize that making money online is something that they will need to learn how to do ASAP , when the world’s economy points them there.
So as a parent, I feel the need to guide them there, softly .

On that note, my 14 year old son has create a great handbook, with tips to show kids how to have fun with gardening, and it’s completely free. To top it, to help kids not feel left out on Black Friday, he’s releasing the Free-be on Black Friday !

I would love your support in his venture ! He has worked super hard and greated some great content.  To have a look at whats on offer, please click on the button below.

Free Gardening Handbook 4 KIDS 

It will make a great stocking filler too, for your kids on Christmas day, if you’re running on a tight budget !

Head over to http://www.quickpickveg.com to see his offering and sign up.
I’ll make sure it’s delivered to your inbox by mid day on Black Friday !

Yours in the Spirit of Giving and Thanks Giving


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