Fighting the Fires of Daily Life and Getting to Grips with Time Management

So it’s been a really exciting week for me . Rolling out my blog has proven to be a very exciting , but daunting experience, especially with all the added  new activity,  to my daily schedule.

As with all things in life, you always need to practice what you preach. I have been running with my 7 brilliant ways to organize you day for some time now. But this week I rolled out the blog , it proved to be the time I needed the tool the most!

Yesterday was a brilliant example!

I used the excel tool to plan my day out, made a lovely colour printout and tackled the day !!

But one of the kids needed extra help with our second language, Afrikaans. That required me to break out of my routine, and make sure he understood what he was learning.

Next moment, my other child comes in from a break time to announce that there is smoke billowing from over the hill, headed in our direction.

Not something you can ignore, considering we live in the open hills , on a farm , and most neighbours are at least 30 minutes away, at their day job.

This took around 1,5 hours out my day, just to drive around and check out, ensuring firefighting equipment was close at hand, and get my prayer for extra protection in. All in a days work on a farm ! Luckily we were blessed with super firefighters on the other side of the hill, and a marvellous change in wind directions so the fire burnt back on its self, effectively putting its self  out !!

So yes life does happen, and other items will pop into your schedule.

The trick is – Don’t be flustered , irritated or put out. This is life !

The schedule that you can download for free or the excel spreadsheet you can purchase and then complete, is NOT something that is cast in stone, however it provides a guideline and a path that can guide you through your day and help you keep a balanced life style.

Deal with what comes up , but then head back to your schedule and either re-prioritise , using smaller time windows , that which got skipped OR simple continue your day at the time you get back to your schedule, based on your earlier planning.

On the whole in a given week, as you get used to the scheduling system, you will find you have tackled far more, in a far more balanced way, compared to that which you used to .

I hope this help you with using a tool, like the one you can download for free in my resources section.

Let me know how you’re experiencing it.


PS: Try out the Excel spreadsheet which helps you automate your day quickly , and auto calculates your time for you into the various categories to be handled on a daily basis. 

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Fighting your Daily Fires and Getting on with Time Management
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