Have you ever wondered if there was anything to help you kids become superkid speller, faster?

Throughout the Covid-19 lock down , I have been taking myself for walks around the garden. (Now I sound like a dog…sorry, but I have dogs on the brain)

I’m fairly well disciplined in getting to these walks and preventing cabin fever from overwhelming me. 

Dog Escapades

We have a dog name Ruby, who is now just over 2 years old. She reminds me of a big black bulldozer….that needs tons of entertainment and attention.

Her latest prank, now that the outdoor temperatures are dropping, is jumping into the vegetable beds, grabbing the drip irrigation pipes and pulling them with all her might.

Mind you this isn’t happening while I’m around. It’s usually happening when I’m not looking.

But come walk time, she bounces around the demolished pipes as though to say: ” look at my brilliant handy work…now your pipes water even more than they used to !! “

I look forward to when her puppy streaks and pranks are over so that we can stop having to repair the damages. But it takes well over 2 years with big dogs to loose this edge, from my experience .

3 Things To Become a Superkid Speller

In much the same way, our kids need loads of repetition, love and attention when it comes to learning new skills.

Please don’t go thinking that your child is going to get the spelling rules overnight .

You need to activate fun, repetition, and loving attention to get those crazy English language rules to become second nature. 
Adding games to these rules can also make all the difference too  !

Something FREE To Help You Along

If you would like to learn more about how to help your kids to get to grips with learning the spelling rules , I have created a great tool in the form of a spelling curriculum planner, to help busy parents have a way to tackle these lessons. I’ve also included an age-old spelling book that is still very valid and applicable to teaching spelling in this day and age.

If you would like to download this spelling planner , it’s free for you at my website link. Just click on this text to access it.

Yours in overcoming hurdles one step at a time.

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3 Ways to Become a Superkid Speller

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