Well Happy Debt Free Valentines Day Everyone!

I trust you are being treated to some lovely, fun, special treatment on this day, without it making a hole in your credit card or getting you further into debt.

Valentines’ is a weird day. Love it or hate it, the ladies start to wish in their hearts for just a little something , even if they say they really don’t care about it.
I guesss it’s the power of global marketing strategies, through which,  subliminally, a want starts to build up.

I find this especially true as a mom, who home schools’ and runs multiple business’s from home. I am not a huge fan of valentines day…but yet…a little something might be fun… But then there’s the overarching  Need to have a Debt Free Valentines !

So without further ado, here are:

3 Ways in which you can enjoy Valentines Day without getting into Debt

1. Set the kids to making some homemade crafts using paper pens and stamps. Here is a wonderful little pencil holder that our kids did ,during crafts at school. It’s useful too , when you have pencils creeping all over your desk.

2. Try treating your loved one to a breakfast in bed , with the food you where going to have for breakfast any way. Or get the kids to cook it up for you. Just remind them you haven’t got 3 hours to clean up afterwards and that may detract from the gift…

3. IF you ‘re already past the breakfast time, why not try a smart dinner , by again just cooking up your meal that you had planned to make tonight, but dish it up in a smarter manner with garnishing and a beautifully decorated dinner table. …And ladies, don’t forget to dress up for the occasion. If they’re up to it , ask your menfolk to also dress up for fun. You will be so happy you made the effort and it didn’t cost anybody anything.

Hey, why not pre-cook the meal during the  day so that you can then spend  even more time with your loved one this evening enjoying the meal together.

4. IF you’re alone, please don’t stress. Rather, take yourself for a pampering bath tonight with bubble bath , good music and a glass of wine , followed by an enjoyable movie or a great book to read. Be kind to yourself and love yourself a little more today.

Hopefully this has created a few ideas for you. Enjoy your special day.

PS If you need help with Budgeting, please try my free form here.

Did you forget it was Valentines Day?  Maybe you want to start getting more organized in 2018? Have a look here for a great tool to help you. 


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3 Awesome Ways to Have Fun on Debt Free Valentines Day
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