Healthy Soup For Sick Family
Healthy Soup

Isn’t it funny how you can come under fire, once you start getting out there and tell people about what you do! Our health is the most precious commodity we have, but we so often take it for granted !

My time management skills certainly have been well tested these last few weeks since starting the blog. YAY ! You should be saying, cause I really have to make sure I practice what I preach and refine my system well so that you can benefit fully from it.

So yesterday, my neighbours grazing fields where burning down, following the action of some silly , bored youths in the area. I had to drop my day plan and go and help as the wind was raging and lives and housing where at stake. I certainly would love them to do the same for me , should I ever need. But luckily, my planning through using the 7 Brilliant Ways to Organize you Day , I had time available to be there when people need me.

Today , we woke up to a whole family filled with flu, and a farm to still keep running. Once again this highlights the fact that you need to know what your most important goals are, so you can strip down to basics and get through them, even if it takes you the whole day.

But on the subject of sick family , and the importance of looking after your family, I wanted to share a great recipe that works wonders as a form or nourishment, as well as natural antibiotic that’s easy for everyone to eat, when they’re low and their bodies need some building

Super Healthy Soup

It’s my Fishy Coconut Soup.

Super easy to make, and easy on the pocket.


1 can Salmon , wild caught if possible

1 can Coconut milk

1,5 blocks of chicken or fish stock cubes

330ml Boiling water (Use your coconut can to measure = 1 can)

2 cloves garlic chopped up

4 thin slices of ginger



A light sprinkling of Cayenne pepper (If you like hot food, make it a half teaspoon, but make sure the family can stomach it. )

Bring all ingredients to the boil. Simmer for 20 minutes

Serve hot, with grated cheese on top, with a sprig of Parsley or Cilanto for garnish

Serve with hot brown bread.

PS: If you have any precooked rice and the family is hungry , add that too as a filler.

It’s even lovely in blistering heat.

If you love that recipe, go and find more interesting ones out of one of my favourite health books here.

Yours in Health, Time well managed and Budgeted



Hey ! If you like this recipe, maybe you want to look at the book that inspired me keep my health in better order. Brilliant read ! Great stocking filler too….

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