Budget your Emotional output

12 Terrific ways to Budget your Daily

Emotional Energy Output

Getting more stuff done without flipping out

Hi Everyone, thanks for stopping by. I wanted to reach out to anyone out there who has been under tremendous stress either in recent days or in recent years , as the case may be. I have a really brilliant info-graphic for you, that will help you maintain a new level of calmness over your life, that can become a habit. It explains simply,  how to Budget your Daily Emotional Energy output, to ensure you get through your workload without the extra stress, that is so important to avoid during your daily journey.

My Journey

I grew up in a household, where my mom was permanently stressed out, agitated and depressed. As a child,  I vowed to never go there ! This would never happen to me.!! Then I I joined the IT industry as a DBA. Long hours, little support, teach yourself, make it all happen before 7 am, when the traders get to work  – kind of lifestyle. After 3 years on a large project, as the single technical support person on the project,  18 – 20 hours a day, at least 6 days a week , I had a melt down. Admittedly my mom passed away from Cancer at the same time, which was intense stress

 I just thoughts I needed a holiday, and didn’t give it any more thought.

Now after another 15 years of intense stress, running my own business , having children, running a farm and trying to get on top of some hairy financial situations, it happened again. But this time my whole body took part, and I didn’t just land up screaming at everyone. It turns out that childhood declarations need to be backed up by knowledge of how the brain and body works.

Learning More About Stress and It’s Effects

And so the study commenced ! Stress, my friends is seriously evil. Through the kids school research projects, we learn about how harmful DDT and Roundup are to the planet, but only a handful of people out there are trying to yell to us about the dire effects of stress on our bodies.

Luckily we have inbuilt repair mechanisms in our bodies, that can largely get to work, once we acquire the knowledge. I encourage you, start to get a handle on what stress is doing to your and your family members bodies….It’s not an easy read !  I offer a link at the bottom of this article to 2 absolutely brilliant books, if you wish to study this topic further.

But now back to the super simple idea I have for you to help get you back on an even keel.

Before I let you loose on the info graphic, I really need to get you to

Ask yourself some questions :

  1. What is triggering the events where I get angry / sad /depressed / over react

Now evaluate the event

  1. What am I trying to do when it happens?
  2. Was I trying to multi task?
  3. Did I get side tracked and sucked into this situations?
  4. Could I have said no?
  5. What else is going on in my life?

It is super smart to stop and evaluate these triggers that are pushing you too far

I find that they occur throughout the day, and the more we’re working without any breaks, the more likely we are to react to the events from a truly emotional stand point. Logic doesnt get a chance to standup as our buttons get pressed. Hence my infographic is strongly focused on taking the right kind of breaks.

As a work from home parent, you may also have little people very close to us all day who become experts at knowing how to push our buttons.

So how do you start to regain control over your emotions and day, so that you can start to be in charge again and not let the emotional roller coaster loose at ever bump in the road?

Life is challenging for everyone. You may just have left the stress build up for too long and now you have little idea of how to get it back in control.


I have 12 wonderful tips that you can apply throughout your busy day that will give your brain and emotions time to catch up, calm down and get you thinking straight again. And it’s all in a wonderful free info graphic, so it’s easy to read at a glance and put up near your workplaces. It’s yours free, just click on the button below to access it.

Get the Info Graphic

 Send Me the Free Info Graphic NOW

If you would love to start studying more about the effects of stress and how to overcome them, please try out these two books which I have read and can highly recommend. Please note, both of them are coming from a Christian standpoint.

  1. A technical description by a brain scientist, written in such a way that we can all understand it ! Brilliant
  2. A more spiritual approach to overcoming stress and issues with self-worth

PLEASE let me know how you experience the info graphic by leaving comments on this post.


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12 Terrific Ways to Budget your Daily Emotional Energy Output
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