The 10 Most Amazing Benefits of Practising Great Office Organisational Skill and Time Management for Today’s Entrepreneur


Have you ever gone through stages in your life where it seems the world is just piling more and more demands on you ??! Your best Office management and time management skills just don’t seem to make a difference. 

You just get one area of your life sorted and you turn around only to find the next 5 areas are out of control and overflowing with things for you to do…


Wouldn’t you love a system that can help you to organise these inputs in such a way that you can get that and far more done on a daily basis?

I want to tell you about such a system that saved my life.

My personal story

I was a recent mom, with a second child , whom we recently discovered, was deaf. We had just purchased a 15 hectare farm, with 5 staff members. I also helped run our town office administration, financials and HR, which included another 5 personnel, to manage.

We had a great business with huge turnover.

All of that was about to change as our business crumbled over night, funds dried up , and my husband and I would soon have to be doing the office work of 7 people. I also had the load of managing the farm, learning to farm, and venturing out on the creative task of home education for our boys.

Every corner of my life was strewn with papers, office equipment , bills to pay, government regulations to be fulfilled, and goats running everywhere as I learnt how to manage and run a farm and goat dairy.

I thought I was very clever, as I had lots of buildings to do each of the tasks in , on our farm. So I simply piled the piles higher and moved offices often all around the farm.

Then we closed the town office and everything we owned in town, arrived at the farm, using up tons of space! It was chaotic! But I didn’t have the time to think about it all, or come up with a creative solution to all this chaos.

SO…The piles just grew higher!!

Trouble was Brewing

5 years passed, and the chickens came home to roost, as they always do !

Under all those piles I had desperately tried to deal with and inside all the clutter in 2 very over busy adult brains, lay some fundamental issues that were never dealt with.

Unpaid bills and a lack of systems bit us hard. Building projects came to a screaming halt.

I realised I was the only one who could stop this avalanche before we drowned in it.

So I started studying office organisational skills, time management skills and financial management skills, like my life depended on it.

Because it did !!

After all my business training, these were major holes in my understanding .

It took 5 years of studying to bring me to a point where I have an amazing system that allows me to effectively run: A farm, the financial and marketing aspect of our core business, achieve my permaculture training and start converting our farm into a permaculture training centre, create an online couse, run a blog, run a large household, home educate 2 boys, and be a good mom and wife.

All of that between 2 adults and no extra staff.

A Solution was Born

What is the system that saved my life?

It is the practice of following a system that I created through a combination of other systems that gets worked on, on a  daily , weekly and monthly basis , that tackles the tasks I have both on a personal level as well as a professional level. All those tasks and projects that are coming at me on an hourly basis.

The system creates a frame work for an incredible level of increased action , empowering me to get through far more than you usually do in a day.

It requires a minimal amount of initial actions, over a space of a few days to just get setup.

I call it the the 1 Duck per Minute Office and Time Management system. It allows  me to achieve all this.

10 Most Amazing Benefits

You too could achieve the following benefits:

  1. Practicing office organisation and time management by getting to grips with what is on your plate,
  2. Allows you to have a rapid understanding of all the project you are committed to,
  3. Helps you to improve your business communication skills with people who you are collaborating with on projects
  4. You get to know and understand your boundaries
  5. Imagine being able to experience the clearing of the little stuff in your head, leaving space for more creativity and thinking bigger
  6. Find ways to manage your time better. Become more pro-active on tasks You too will become more impulsive, when great opportunities arise.
  7. Redefine your days to specific actionable tasks that move you towards your goals
  8. Effectively organise your days and weeks, quickly and efficiently
  9. You become task oriented during the week, meaning you get more done. Leave the heavy thinking for weekends or end of week times. Then you are under less pressure and able to make decisions more effectively
  10. Be able to choose what and when, you do things. Ensuring that all your tasks are in line with the goals you set, both long term and short term.

I would love to hear from you . What systems you have adapted to your life for achieving more on a daily basis. Please leave me a comment below. 

How This can Help you Too

If you would like to know more about the system, please click on the button below.

YES ! Let me Look at this System

Here’s to greater levels of productivity and impulsivity! Let’s tackle our futures ahead, with more space to be who we are to the best of our abilities.

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The 10 Amazing Benefits of Practising Great Office Organisational and Time Management Skills

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