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Hi Everyone!  I know you all love beautiful, tidy images and clean spaces on your blog posts, but how’s your house doing in reality? Personally, it’s not top on my priority list, till I know I have visitors on their way, in which case I need all the amazing tools I can find, in a hurry.

Following a very late, over-enthusiastic Latte at our favourite restaurant last night, I could really not get to sleep. Caffeine overload in the veins. So I took my favourite cleaning tool and did a little house work. Weird I know ! I could have blogged or read. But I do PC  work all day and my house needed a little more attention – at 12 midnight.

This is simply the most amazing tool I have ever come across.

  • I have serious soap scum on our shower walls from a very enthusiastic shower lover – NOTHING removes this scum – except this tool
  • I have a lovely modified Sitz Bad . BUT It’s coating resists all my conventional cleaners, but it attract scum and skin cells like a magnet  – this tool gets it clean
  • We live on a farm. My children are permanently dirty and have even dirtier shoes and feet. (NO You cant wash humans with this !!.) As a result my bathroom floor, the white grouting goes very close to black….its pretty aweful. I have historically sat for hours with the only thing that seem to work – vinegar and Bicarb of soda and an old toothbrush. This is enough to make anyone HATE house work.

…BUT LAST NIGHT I HAD AN EPIPHANY……my wonder tool cleans the grout in 1 or 2 gentle swipes.

This is such a funny thing for me to blog about but honestly people, I run a large house without help and time is of the absolute essence with all that I’m trying to achieve. As a result house work does not rank high on my gotta spend-hours-on-this list.

So if you are a blogger, entrepreneur, mom, home school teacher, farmer, online marketer, bookkeeper, accountant, ……and you have a house to clean! PLEASE go out and get your hands on these along with a pair of wash up gloves – cause you gonna use them frequently

Lots of love

Yours in productivity and getting all your ducks in a row as quickly as possible

Malinda @ 1minutemom

PS : If you already use them, please share where else you found them to work beautifully !

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1 Amazing Tool that Keeps 90% of My House Clean
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